Wednesday, March 30, 2005

go north young man

louisiana is not just a state, it's a state of mind (yes i stole that line from somewhere and it's horrible, but i'm going somewhere so BACK OFF). rather, it's a state of having no mind and paying no mind. the people are about as alabaman as they get (except maybe for people who actually live in alabama, but i'm not conceding anything). they are devoid of empathy or self-awareness. completely. devoid.

the louisiana climate is miserable (hot, humid... you break a serious sweat walking from your house to your car). during the summer it will rain briefly in the afternoon, which only serves to make everything damp and further increase the humidity levels when the sun comes out and causes the moisture to evaporate. so i want to move.

i want to move to a big city. larger cities are always liberal (to varying degrees), have great public transportation systems (i do not drive), get great concerts, great bars, great comedy clubs, great escort services, and all that great stuff.

and i want seasons. i want a winter with ice storms. i understand that they are a pain in the pyloric sphincter (asphinctersayswhat?) once the novelty and wonder wears off, but that's just comparative bullshit. go through a hurricane that knocks out power for two weeks in the summertime (imagine no a.c. and nothing to do) and then tell me how bad ice storms are.

and i really liked the movie. i own the dvd.

so i need feedback. here's a short list of places i'm seriously considering moving to, not all perfectly matching my criteria but still appealing enough:
  • chicago
  • montreal
  • austin
  • minneapolis
  • new york
  • vancouver
  • toronto
  • seattle
  • boston

i was trying to put a nifty interactive poll up with some simple point-and-click interface action but the html was fakakta, so i guess just comment. thanks for the input.


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