Sunday, March 27, 2005

bus travel is a trip, man

i am on a greyhound bus going back to lafayette. some interesting nuggets from the road:

the current bus driver is shamelessly crooning church hymns - actually i think it's just the same one, apparently stuck on repeat. what's that they say about repitition being the hobgoblin of little minds? here's hoping he's at least a competent driver.

on the bus TO texas was a screaming child. he or she was unabashedly wailing (much like today's driver) and inconsolable. i'm not sure but i think the little buggar even punched his/her mom (i'm guessing she was the mom). that part was actually entertaining. the crying was not.

but that's why god (aol or on-star, now i'm not sure) provided man with headphones and the super furry animals.

so, i'm on the return trip now. we are stopped in orange, texas, which i think only consists of the gas station we are currently idling at. the people on the bus are what i would consider typical of bus travelers. i'm concerned about getting jumped for my laptop.

and the wheels on the bus! don't get me started on the wheels.

the bus sucks. maybe if you were traveling with a friend or two it would be fun. remember taking field trips in middle/high school, and everyone had junk food and there would be sharing of cd's and blankets and sitting backwards in the seats and occasionally truth or dare? fun times, wasted on the young.

from orange, texas, peaches.

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