Tuesday, March 15, 2005

but he's such a nice feller

obligatory weekly politicopost - everyone should have one, weekly.

on the radio yesterday i heard an interview of some guy who is running for governor in texas as an independent. he spoke of his past interactions with george bush and how he found the president to be a really affable and nice guy. i've heard this sentiiment echoed before in newspaper articles, radio interviews, etc. i would wager that a big reason why he was re-elected (i'm sorry, elected. no, "elected") is that many people see him as a loveable doofus. he may not be so good with 'dem big words, but by god he's good people.

i haven't met the man, but my contention is this: FUCK his personality or supposed friendliness.

when your actions cause innocent men, women and children to die needlessly then you should be stabbed in the eardrum with a dull pencil.

when you take food stamps from people who need them and deny american troops equipment they need to survive in order to maintain tax cuts for your elitist bastard friends, you should be locked in a small room with the gimp.

when your every action, whether it be raping social security or making bankruptcy nearly impossible or cutting veterans' benefits or capping the compensation someone can get from malpractice or forbidding your government from negotiating with drug companies for cheaper drug prices, you should have to watch the second charlie's angels movie repeatedly for the rest of your life.

(is that too harsh? maybe he would actually like it?)

when you call yourself pro-life but sign off on the executions of minors and the mentally retarded, you should have to go down on starr jones three times a day.

when you use force and send people you don't know or care about off to die for political gain, money, and to distract people from your true nefariousness, you might be a redneck.

so take your goofy grin and homey texas accent and shove it up your tightly-puckered asshole, you evil and ignorant FUCK.

also it makes me physically sick that the names of soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan are now considered page-12 news. corporate-run, pitiful media

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