Wednesday, March 16, 2005

green green grass

is it a harbinger of aging that you'd consistently rather stay in your apartment on the weekends, doing nothing but laying in bed, watching tv, and sleeping, than going out with friends? i've been dealing with this dilemma more and more lately, and i'm worried that i'm becoming a crotchety fart.

maybe it's just that the grass always seems greener? when i stay home instead of going out i'm always afraid that i'm missing out on some party to end all parties wherein people are swilling sherry, seeing who can hurl the paraplegic the furthest (shoot me!) while on cocaine, drinking lighter fluid, and orgies orgies orgies.

conversely, when i do go out all i do the whole time is lament the fact that i spent money to be in a nauseatingly smoke-filled environment (you could cure ham in there) with terrible loud music and strobe lights, rubbing elbows with drunken dickheads (of which i am sometimes one) all in the hopes of somehow miraculously getting laid.

of course i will always love sweet lady liquor, but frankly i have much more fun getting wasted at home, wearing pajamas, rocking out to music not queued up by someone with the "dj" appellation.

and what's wrong with drinking games? i miss drinking games. i miss spin-the-bottle (as well as emptying a bottle to spin). why do those things go out of style as you get older? they were so freaking fun. i must not be blossoming into a true adult if i long for immature high school games.

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