Saturday, February 26, 2005

phizz and his girlfriends

this list has little-to-nothing to do with sexual attraction, although there are certainly elements involved. these are women who i would love to be in long-term relationships with. they're all older than me, but when making fantasy lists i can pretend whatever i want.

incidentally, the list for my penis's-most-wanted is entirely different. it will cum later.

  1. janeane garofalo - on top of being pretty and a gen-x cultural icon (although she would deny it), she's one of the most intelligent people i've ever heard speak. if i had friends like her i would be smarter than i am today (yeah, i can hardly believe it's possible either).
  2. tina fey - love the glasses, am IN love with the comedy stylings. she craps out hilarity on a regular basis.
  3. lauren graham - my infatuation started way before gilmore girls. she did a cameo on seinfeld once, many moons ago, and i've been hooked ever since. couple that with the witty reparte on gilmore girls (yes i know she doesn't really speak like that in real life) and her charisma in talk-show interviews, and i'm blubbering.
  4. neko case - there is a copius amount of female alt-rock singers who i'm in love with, but really the queen of them all is neko case. she has that patsy kline sound, and normally i abhor country music but neko somehow makes it enchanting.
  5. maureen dowd - one of the few columnists i read religiously in one of the few decent newspapers in the country. i learn a new word with every op-ed piece she writes. oh the liberalism.... sooooooooo hot.
  6. ellen degeneres - shocked? her stand-up routine was the first thing that got me captivated. there's just something about a woman with a great sense of humor, and she's cute as a button (and dating portia de rossi. ahhhhhhhhhh...). i know - lesbian. but it's my fantasy and i'll cry if i want to.

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