Thursday, February 10, 2005

the opulent shall inherit the earth

george bush and his neo-conservative death cult fully intend to drive the lower- to lower-middle class into utter poverty. it's no longer a war on poverty - it's a war on the impoverished.

i know it's not glamorous or sexy, but i need to get some political ballast off my head. the new white house budget: the thrust is this - he's proposing major cuts in discretionary spending - environment, health care, education, veterans' benefits, justice, agriculture, and income security. i guess these are all things that don't produce cool explosions or increase our petroleum resources, so he's going to fuck 'em over texas-style.

the cuts range from 11% to 23% through the end of the decade. these. are. huge. social security: he wants to dismantle it. it's been the most successful program the u.s. government has ever created, and he wants to mangle it, because it would line the pockets of wall street brokerage houses and screw retired, disabled, and poverty-stricken people.

you know how he keeps saying that the social security amounts taken out of our paychecks would be better used if given to us? well what he is proposing does not give us that money. all that would change is that we will have the option of investing it in stocks chosen by the administration. so instead of earning a steady rate on it (in government bonds), we allow our government to go ahead and invest (GAMBLE) our money in the stock market.

i wonder how much money wall street lobbyists would throw at the administration to be amongst those brokerages used? tort reform: the president has said that we need a $250,000 cap on lawsuits brought against large corporations, claiming that these "frivolous" suits are unjust, and corporations are suffering unduly.

these lawsuits are the only method we, the consumers, have to hold companies accountable for endangering the public. think about all the drug companies (example: vioxx - made by merck, ephedra, etc.) that put products on the market that are unsafe for human consumption. would a quarter-million dollar fine here and there dissuade billion-dollar corporations from doing anything? and what about the person who died from taking their drug? is $250K ample compensation for the family?

if you don't already know about it, also read about the ford pinto. homeland security: that color-coded alert system is a real winner. cargo coming in through seaports isn't screened, nor are cargo-holds of international flights. we sure have jailed alot of muslims though. thank you patriot act. terrorism: it is widely-agreed upon by the "reality-based" community that our actions in the middle-east have actually created more terrorists than we eliminated. but on the sunny side, we did capture and torture lots of iraqi car theives and shepherds for some valuable information i'm sure.

who was president on september 11? i forget.

it completely dumbfounds me that so many people voted for this COMPLETE BRAYING JACKASS. it's such a tragic commentary on the unbelievable gullibility of some (or alot of, evidently) americans who can't see that gay marriage never had nor ever will have ANY IMPACT ON THEIR LIVES.

when married couples argue at night before they go to bed, do you think the reasons are more likely financial in nature, or the fact that doug and doug next door want to get married?

well, go ahead georgie. cut funding for my medicaid and child's education and ass-fuck the environment and tell corporations that it's okay for them to kill me and cut veterans' benefits so you can give tax cuts to your top 1% friends. you have my blessing. just don't let gay people get married. that would ruin me.

just remember georgie, we all float. and when you're down here, you'll float too...

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