Wednesday, February 09, 2005

emily "quoth the raven never" gil "more"

i can't really call the grandmother gilmore a dirty, dirty tramp, which is usually the first thing that escapes my lips when expressing displeasure at someone's behavior. but i do hope lorelai completely disowns her. actually, fuck that. i hope she goes menendez on that hag's ass.

and a heaping helping of crunchy crap christopher's way as well. i understand the loneliness - but dude, at least stay away from the alcohol. even i know never to get drunk in mixed company when you're backstroking in a sesspool of emotions. although the phrase "open bar" has made stronger men stupid.

i survived the tuesday of fat relatively unscathed (actually i didn't - i'm writing this from beyond the grave). i'm going to have to buy more rounds for my gatling gun (lovingly referred to as "the bringo"), which don't come cheap. i get them on the black market from a guy with four fingers named lickspat. i should be well-stocked by mardi gras next year.

plastic-loving summamabitches.

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