Saturday, February 05, 2005

i'm a reasonable man get off my case

i'm perturbed they killed off alicia. despite her fondness for the love-knife, she and i shared a love that was pure as the driven snow. fantasy romance is the only thing i have nowadays - why must you take that away from me wb, why? now what am i supposed to do - just go back to pretending i like lana cocktease? why don't you just make my life perfect and throw chloe off a cliff? how am i supposed to find another teleporting girl to fall in love with? huh? you heartless fucktards.

next thing you know rory will get raped and develop malaria while the inn burns down and luke gets slapped by o.s.h.a. because lane got hit in the face with a hot frying pan and sookie goes all mama-cass while choking on one of her husband's organically-grown tomatoes.

this is why i hate tv. it's much easier to fall in love with fictional characters than real ones. my emotions are now controlled by hollywood writers.

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