Monday, February 07, 2005

i, television

i left a super sexy audio post yesterday that blogger kidnapped. fucking blogger.

i watched a summerland marathon on the wb last night - there wasn't much else on. summerland is entertaiing, but toooooo..... summery. beautiful surf people who don't seem to have jobs or go to school, lots of beach-related activities, and aunt becky (i wouldn't say no to being uncle becky, by the way).

i noticed an ad for another law & order. they're certainly milking that one for all it's worth.

i don't see why the commercials during the superbowl are supposedly crafted better than average commercials. can't the ad wizards (who came up with that one?) make stellar commercials all the time?

i love american dad. cartoons make me happy. how can you not like a talking sex-crazed fish with a german accent? ja? nein?

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