Friday, February 04, 2005

the foozeball agenda

on sunday:

  • sleep off hangover
  • calisthenics and mild masturbation
  • make punch bowl full of bean dip, eat with spoon
  • cook anything that had parents, serve in a bucket
  • order sandwich measured in feet
  • smear brightly-colored face paint on... i guess my face
  • drink miller lite - dream about twins (but not conjoined, bunny)
  • stay vigilant during halftime for boobies
  • buy mannequin to high-five at random times during game
  • rent and watch mannequin - wish mine would come to life and love me
  • watch football game on the television machine
  • scream "fuck" precisely on the hour and half-hour
  • five minutes after "fuck", yell "woo"
  • when game ends, run outside spraying beer on self, act jubilant, rub nipples
  • back inside, see if pbs is re-running reading rainbow or newshour with jim lehrer
  • hot toddy, say prayers, go to bed

in all (some) seriousness, i want philadelphia to win because rush limbaugh said once that donovan mcnabb was overrated by the media because he was black. also i like chunky soup.

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