Tuesday, February 08, 2005

"dandy warhols come down" track # 7

phizz would you like a day off of work? always. don't you hate people who ask themselves questions aloud and then answer them? yes, yes. so.....? i'll be head-butting the bathroom sink very hard when i'm done writing.

the rub, again, is that i live in the middle of mardi gras revelry central. i.e. i'm right by the end of the parade route, amidst the seedy bars people frequent all the live-long day. the big thing to do is just walk around the streets yelling, steal beers from people's ice chests, and drink lots of hurricanes.

so i'm treating this like an actual hurricane. i've nailed plywood around all my windows, taken in any of my belongings that were outside, and loaded my sawed-off in case the plywood fails. i'm going to go american dad on their asses.

i'm sporting my indoor camouflage (pajama pants and t-shirt - i blend right in), painted half of my face powder blue, the other half white (freedom!), and injected a homemade cocktail of amphetamines and ovaltine into my bloodstream.

the sex pistols pumping heavily on surround-sound. continuous loop.

this is my y2k. let's dance.

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