Monday, February 14, 2005

here we go again

reasons why the grammy's are the biggest pile of contrived horseshit you will ever find on television (aside from almost every show on fox, cbs, nbc, mtv, abc, cnn, and all other channels):
  • if you were watching the grammys while you could have been watching arrested development, then you are... an appropriate descriptor would be too long for you to understand.
  • album and record of the year to ray charles - deserving, but if he hadn't died would he have won? what wonderful accolades will i get when i die? i wonder....
  • john mayer won something. john mayer is a big-whining-talentless-dave-matthews-(who also sucks)-wannabe douchebag.
  • maroon 5? maroon 5? seriously?
  • last year (or maybe year before) fountains of wayne was nominated for "best new artist" when in fact they had been together almost a decade and put out two albums prior.
  • best polka album of the year went to brave combo. everyone knows that it should have gone to henny & the versa j's featuring ryan. they was robbed.

i can't believe usher didn't win anything. and what about fitty cent? nothing for us this year fitty? where is fitty? i mean, where fitty at? i bet we could find him in the club, bottle full of bub, look mam he got the x if you into taking drugs.

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