Tuesday, February 15, 2005

stories from the city, stories from the store

it would be really easy to post weekly on my sojourns to the demon wal-mart. there's so much great fodder for blogger in that unholiest of public slop-troughs. so it may become a weekly-ish event.

as i've mentioned before, if i had a viable alternative to shopping at wal-mart i would jump at the chance. but there really are no locally-owned grocery stores here. they're all demonic so i may as well save money while contributing to the corporate machine.

yesterday the masses were flocking; buying all things red and pink and flowery and chocolaty. i of course did not buy any such items. i bought steak knives, because i needed steak knives. pushing my cart around, dodging people staring at something imaginary (i.e. off into space) and people carrying heart-shaped balloons, the handiness of sharp things put thoughts into my head.

"love-knife" took on a new meaning. move over glenn close.

it's very odd to see grown men digging through bins full of stuffed bears. and the checkout lines were horrendously long. my cart was full (beer, clorox, diet dr. pepper, gin, and lemons. mix in large bowl - serves 20, or me). i enjoyed seeing some people trying to buy single items - one balloon or other vd token - walking around trying to find an easier way to checkout than waiting in the lines, to no avail.

i'm not bitter (not directed at vd, anyway). i don't take such pleasure in the misfortune of others because i'm angry at "love" (whatever) and couples. i'm angry with people's gullibility in taking part in a commercially-driven "holiday" that guilts someone into buying something mandatorily useless for someone else.

bunch of easily-lead sheeple. in the words of jack black, "you fucking robots!"

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