Thursday, February 03, 2005

just a good drinker

i didn't watch the s.o.t.u address - i can't get that drunk on a weeknight when i have to work the next day. plus i didn't have enough time after work yesterday to get drunk enough to be able to sit through all the jive. turkey.

i want to start smoking cloves and researching evolution. why was george bush born prematurely? why do i have nipples? how do i get my hands on more?

how disgusting.

my mother is visiting me this weekend so i have to clean the house. it's not dirty, just unkempt. there's no food in the house at all, much less lying around on the counter or tv or anything. just clothes everywhere.

it's been such an emotionally devoid yet somehow draining week, even for me. should i be social this weekend? should i be social.

oh, does anyone think that they're less interested in the super bowl than i? and also, since the bible says that touching the skin of a dead pig is a sin (right after it says homosexuality is a sin) does that mean that football is evil?

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