Wednesday, February 23, 2005

the amazing and impromptu rare bird show

george bush spreads freedom in the world like a chlamydia-ridden crack whore spreads blisters and itching through low-income inner-city neighborhoods. you can read on some iranian blogs that many iran citizens admit that, while they don't like living under the mullahs, they still much prefer it to possible "liberation" by the u.s.

if i were iran i would create and stock up as many nuclear weapons as possible. that seems to be the only bartering chip george bush respects (ask kim jong-il). pakistan has the bomb, and for some reason we turn a blind eye to the atrocities its government commits against pakistanis.

bush is not out to quash "tyranny" or spread freedom and democracy throughout the world. my theory is that his only motivation for inciting foreign conflicts is to distract the american people (because we are easily distracted - national a.d.d. - look at the kitty!) while he rapes domestic discretionaries. he shamelessly pillages programs for the lower and middle class in order to benefit the very upper echelon, and as soon as someone starts paying attention he raises the terror alert level, or releases bullshit taped interviews where he cops to smoking pot, or pretends like he wants to reform social security.

which, incidentally, never had a chance of passing. but it's definitely drawing alot of attention away from other scandals (google jeff gannon/james guckert).

i'll make an official prediction right now - i have a gut feeling that i need to take a large crap, and that george bush has already signed off on a plan to attack iran. probably this summer.

the right wing needs to start having more sex, seriously. people getting laid shouldn't be this crabby. make fuck, not war.

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