Thursday, January 13, 2005

thick eight?

internets pornography is great. tony-the-tiger grrrrreat. it's a daily sacrament of mine to peruse the free clips, saving what i feel is pertinent to my hard drive. i don't think i'm alone; i could be wrong (no i couldn't - the porn industry is huge). everyone knows that everyone looks at porn at least semi-regularly, and i'm not special.

here's the rub (pun intended). i've heard (and believe) women (who) complain about airbrushed, waifish models in magazines and the unrealistic goals they set for female readers (and males too - how are we supposed to get dates with those types? fuck.). but how about the dudes in pornos with the mutant genitals? how do they make the average man feel by comparison? i refuse to believe that the median size of a penis is comparable to a police baton. call it denial, but i'm only trying to be realistic.

i am perfectly content with my own mr. monkey, and he is perfectly content with mr. lefthand. and while i will continue to enjoy erotic copulative acts (i call it "art") on the internets, i must constantly remember in the back of my mind that an almost inverse relationship exists between published media and reality.

this is not my way of saying i have a small penis. if my penis was small i'd be a republican with a big truck, lots of guns, and a belt buckle the size of a hubcap. i'd probably also be homophobic and gay.

i just want to see a more accurate depiction of life in media, even in an online triple-x throwdown.

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