Friday, January 14, 2005

orafice space day

really i wanted to be milton, in the worst way. and did you see how fucking funny that picture of lumbergh is? woot. office space day founded by bunny, as far as i know.

Pre-Hyptnotized Peter

off-office topic...

my blogger template is really plain. i don't have the advanced skills to add the happy graphics and backgrounds and bells and whistles. and jimmy crack corn. i don't regularly visit the blogs i visit because of the pictures and graphics, i do it for the content.

but how much does a blog's design affect it's enjoyability for the non-authors? i'm not talking about ease-of-use (even though i have written off some blogs because of it), just the oft-extemporaneous decorative stuff.

if it's a really big deal i'd consider doing something about my blogger-plain-and-tall. personally all i want from a blog is an easy-to-read font and at least a modecum of creativity put into what's written. substance over style.

god this post is boring. i should punch myself. again.

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