Monday, January 10, 2005

stage world

hey is a world where brad and jen aren't married a world we really want to live in?

at work i hate who i have to be. i talk and behave in a certain way that i really despise. i hear myself saying things like "how 'bout that" and other colloquialisms that are very uncharacteristic of me.

it's not being true to oneself, but if it means you have a job does that make it acceptable? the boss has a big deer head trophy in his office and isn't abashed at calling blacks "n-words", and i don't say anything contradictory because i like the job.

which furthers the importance of this whole big blog experiment - where i can be who i actually am and not fear reprisal. in the blog world i don't wear pants or shirts with buttons or put up with racist bull cookieness, and i can call republicans ball-lickers, because they are. and on the phone i don't have to act like joe whiteman with a wife and three kids and a dog named connor who prays before eating.

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