Friday, January 14, 2005

but do they julienne

what's the deal with the new jennifer garner movie? is she fighting people with steak knives? they have guns, and she has steak knives? seems... odd. unless they're those knives that can cut a soup can in half. those are super.

i've taken probably too much xanax and will be sleeping a deep sleep soon, and for a while. i have nothing to eat in my apartment so i had little recourse. i'll always opt for sleep over hunger. or sleep over anything.

so i'm going to go make love to my favorite recliner and watch my new dvd of garden state, which, if you haven't seen it, is just as super as knives that cut cans.

i ordered some other dvd's today (t'was a spend-happy day) including but not limited to: evil dead 2, a clockwork orange, dr. strangelove (yes, both kubrick films), and da ali g show season 1.

reminder: in protest of the bush inauguration festivities this week, make sure not to buy anything on thursday, january 20. economic boycott - it's a national thing, look it up. spread the word. fight the power. eat your vegetables.

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