Thursday, January 20, 2005

my neck, my back

i heard on the radio that jenna bush was denied a teaching position at some school because the "no child left behind" program's requirements deemed her unqualified. what funnnnn.

in other ironic inaugural bits: a country band called asleep at the wheel is playing at the festivities.

the reason i've been reticent in bloggyworld the last couple of days is that my back has totally abandoned all functionality and i've been home in bed. apparently working in front of the computer eight hours a day plus whatever time i'm on it at home isn't good for the lower lumbar. so i've been in severe pain for two days. only moderate pain now.

i saw a chiropractor and he beat on my back a bit. i don't know if it's working or not. if it doesn't go completely away in a couple of days i'm just going to go to my gp and get some pain killers or muscle relaxers, which i would have done initially had i thought of it. god bless drugs.

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