Thursday, January 20, 2005

fuck your yankee blue jeans

i'm hearing "four more years of hell", but i have to say that the second term is going to be great. i mean, what better than to be white and male in america right now? and i'm employed with health insurance and don't have to worry about social security for another fifty years (who cares about the future) and i'm ineligible for the forthcoming draft and i'm going to incorporate myself so i'll be getting MAD bonuses and tax breaks.

and when i think about it, i never really liked alaskan caribou or free speech or breathable air or non-radioactive nevada or objectivity or mercury-free fish or full disclosure or bruce springsteen or factory tours or the aclu or black people or abortions (my murderer girlfriends liked them though) or judaism or evolution or museums or homosexuals or spongebob (supposedly gay) or not being christian or foreigners or art or premarital sex or anal sex or oral sex or inter-species sex or loosely-defined sex or dan rather.

i'm going to rustle up some velveeta now and make rattlesnake nachos.

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