Thursday, January 06, 2005

done with dems

as much as i want to i can't really be mad at john kerry. even though he conceded prematurely and skipped town when he should have been here (for the electoral vote count, he was in iraq) and ran a god-awful campaign and lost against a man who the majority of the country thinks is doing a bad job, i have to remember that he has dedicated his life to public service and risked his life in a time of war.

bud damn dude. can you roll over ANY more?

i'm done with the democratic party. all of this moving-to-the-right bullshit about trying to appeal to religiosos is fucking weak. move further to the left and get some fucking chutzpah.

people respect leadership and conviction, even when you're obviously wrong (george) and/or they disagree with you. trying to please everyone in this country means you please noone.

so i am an official independent. how sad is that - as much as i dislike republicans (and i REALLY dislike republicans. i can't use the word "hate" because i'm liberal and we don't hate anyone) i just cannot align myself with their opposing party.

it's completely metaphoric for the 2004 election; as much as people disliked bush they just couldn't bring themselves to vote for kerry.

anyway, that's that.

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