Monday, January 03, 2005

my new year's rockin' eve

i am happy that the holiday season is over. that period starting the day before thanksgiving and ending on january 2 is grueling. i'm sick of all things red and green, and frankly sick of reading and writing posts about the season.

that having been said, here's how my new year's eve went.

two friends and i get room at hotel acadiana, drink for a while, go downtown. sitting at a table in a bar chatting with three girls we didn't know (i still don't - me no remember. developing pictures). midnight - anonymous blonde girl who i'm talking to sticks tongue in my mouth. god bless sluts.

drink more, go back to hotel room circa 2:30, drink more, shmooze with some people who came back with us, sleep.

and now it's diet time. but i'm not going to "diet" so much as go on a "hunger strike" to protest holiday weight gain.

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