Saturday, January 15, 2005

an evil dead remake!

it's true, sam raimi is talking about making a remake of the culturally phenomenal and flat-out fucking awesome evil dead. hollywood isn't satisfied with putting out garbage that fucks over the minds of the children of today - now they have to ruin what was formerly great? (george lucas i'm looking in your direction)

if you've ever seen the movie then you uderstand why its memory has to be preserved, and if you haven't seen it then you really need to.

below is taken from a website where you can sign a petition to protest the remake:

To: Ghost House and Senator Intl.

I have just heard of news of an Evil Dead remake. This to me is a disgrace and painful to hear, my childhood developed from that film. Before it the only horror me and my friends watched was mainstream but then it all changed, from the corner of a run-down video store we saw Evil Dead. We were 13 and it was important and wonderful to tell people about this great movie they'd never heard of. Please don't let Evil Dead be remade, tell the studios to fuck themselves, we want original horror, not re-hashes of our classics that we hold so dearly in our sick and twisted hearts. The line has been crossed too far. Evil Dead should not be remade with a "fresh hip cast". Leave classics alone and make Hollywood be original.

The Undersigned

i'm going to leave a link to the petition on my sidebar. if you understand the importance of not ruining happy memories, please tell others to sign it.

supposedly sam raimi (original director) and bruce campbell (original main character) are both going to be involved. i think a collaborative effort between those two is great, but why can't they make a different horror film instead of resurrecting (ha) and remaking an old one? what's happened to originality in this country?

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