Thursday, December 02, 2004

x-mas duck and cover

argh, x-mas. it's coming. i feel like it's the onset of hurricane season and i live in haiti.

i'm doing all my shopping online. i refuse to bow down to the gods of commercial swarming and seasonal traffic. fuck you mall!

stop looking at me swan!

do made-for-tv x-mas movies (usually sponsored by hallmark) depress anyone else? what kind of person is entertained by watching danny bonaduce and kirk cameron try to convince hallie eisenberg that there is, in fact, a santa claus? i could do without tim allen making another christmas movie as well.

and the salvation army makes me nervous. when i walk into a store with the red bucket by the entrance, manned by someone ringing that bell, i feel like atreyu walking past those two giant statues hoping he doesn't get shot by eye lasers. please don't ask me for money, i'm too weak to say no. i don't trust you to give everything you get to those who really need it.

album of the jour: the delgados universal audio

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