Wednesday, December 01, 2004

abstinence isn't doing shit

happy world aids day everyone! let's all go out and have unprotected sex! share needles! hire denzel washington as your lawyer!

i heard on the radio that teaching safe sex in schools has been proven to be effective in countering instances of std's, pregnancy, abortion, etc., and teaching abstinence has been proven ineffective. guess which one our administration supports.

and why doesn't it work?

because kids wanna fuck.

because when dad doesn't have a job, and we don't have a tv or air conditioning or anything remotely constructive to do, and our school closed from lack of funding, what else is there?

tammy: "why don't you take that and put it there?"
timmy: "uhhhhh... okay."

*poof * tammy gets pregnant with an aids-infected baby. abortion time! because we can't afford to have a kid.

what kind of uber-denial bubble do religiosos who preach abstinance live in? they're against abortion, but they're also against the one method that works best in preventing it? they idolize (biblical inference intended) and vote for the guy who makes it harder not to have an abortion?

i bet bush likes aids. i bet he thinks it's god's way of punishing gays and people who have pre-marital relations.

noone needs aids medicine right? what we really need are prayers and the holy spirit within us to defend our red blood cells!

basically, just be pious and cold all the time.

album of the jour: tegan and sara so jealous

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