Friday, December 24, 2004

good golly holly jolly

the eve prior to christmas day. i take actual pleasure in thinking about children around the world (or at least our blessed western hemisphere - not those godless heretics from the east, mid-east, and far east) trying desperately and futilely to go to sleep.

remember when you were little how magical the anticipation of christmas morning was? it's still magical now, but only because i smoked a jay in ine freezing cold and wind on my parent's deck after they went to bed ;o) smoke your marijuanica.

if i don't get a guitar tomorrow i will be mildly disappointed - i can't be utterly disappointed because that would make me a materialistic dickhole.

but, my goal in 2005 is to become a guitar aficionado and be in a band. how great would it be to have a cult following? what's better than that? nuthin'.

merry christmas shiny happy bloggy people. next year in jerusalem!

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