Monday, December 27, 2004

christfest inventory

i'm at work right now and it sucks big fat santa dick. i want to be home eating m&m's or some other chocolate fare. cake! i want cake. i wish marie antoinette was my boss.

so, for x-mas. i got the seinfeld dvd's (will probably sell and get different dvd's), apartment stuffs - new shower head, back scrubber, better shower curtain (trying to tell me something mom and dad?). the biggie was a huge check from my parents - i guess they gave up on what to get me, despite me saying "guitar" over and over for months - and a check from my nan-nan. also got a gift card to devil wal-mart and a gift credit on

it would have been difficult/impossible to bring a guitar back with me on the plane anyway. easier to just buy one here, which i will do forthright.

everyone? good festivus?

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