Tuesday, November 30, 2004

priorities people!

you know what, torturing muslim prisoners in cuba is somewhat morally offensive, but i think we should all be more outraged and focused on nicolette sheridan's bare back being shown before monday night football. i don't think jesus would like bare backs people...

although i can't say that he would be a fan of torture either. i would know, i saw mel gibson's the passion.

(*in best southern baptist drawl*)
we can-NOT allow this erosion of our national moral fibah to con-tin-yue! whiiite women can-NOT be shown half-naked with negra's on priiime tiiime television! i am shocked and chagrined. think of the children. won't somebody puh-LEASE think of the children!

perrrAISE jeesus.
(*end southern drawl*)

abu what? ghraib? psshhht, whatever. it sounds made-up. like the moon landing, or vietnam.

in reasons-why-i-love-louisiana news:

i saw a local commercial the other day about seat belt laws. the commercial says "this law is currently being enforced". i wish they would have more press releases here about which laws are being enforced at what time.

album of the jour: neko case the tigers have spoken

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