Wednesday, November 17, 2004

we're going to dress you up in a vest!

someone tell me if i'm wrong.

does the apparel from old navy look like the biggest bunch of ordinary, pastel, unimaginative pile of overpriced, woven crap you've ever seen? i don't understand. is it a case of the emperor's new clothes (in america? noooo...)? if it's priced high enough, and they make gap-like commercials, and get little kim (lil' kim?) to whore for them, then people will buy the clothes?

they're just plain sweaters and jeans! it's not an "old navy vermont fleece pullover", it's a fucking sweatshirt. i loathe the corporate world. i shop at goodwill. i heart bargains. i live alone. my name is lugosh.

i opened a computer that needed fixing this morning and it smelled like body odor. it wasn't me.

album of the jour: simian we are your friends

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