Tuesday, November 16, 2004

walled-in, or, life in the apartment

there's alot of noise where i live. mostly background noise, but sometimes jarring nonetheless. my windows are almost always open in the winter (which, in louisiana, lasts about two weeks). last night while trying to go to sleep the wind kept blowing my blinds around - i jumped every time.

also, tree branches scratch against the walls outside. it's very eery.

at night there are usually several trains that go by about a mile or two away. i hear the train horn blowing incessantly, but i rather like it. it's far enough away that it doesn't wake me up.

and i'm three miles from the airport, so i hear the planes now and then.

next door there's a band that plays black crowes music. badly. they usually only practice on the weekends, and it's not that bothering. my music is usually way louder than anything i would otherwise hear.

all of this sounds like a real bitch to live with, but it's interesting. this morning when i woke up i rolled on my side to face the window and the sunrise was making the sky look purple. it was a very nice picture to wake up to.

the neighborhood isn't the greatest, but it's still safer than scott peterson's butthole (yes, stayed up all night for that).

also, a quiz (once again, from fhb):

Which Goth New Wave 80's Band Are You?

The Cure

album of the jour: drugmoney mtn cty jnk

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