Monday, November 15, 2004

how about a nice game of chess

have you ever tried to brainstorm ideas to write about and come up with bubkis? the only words that came into my mind just now were "global thermonuclear war" and "fakakta". this is the impetus for the subsequent.

i loved ally sheedy. war games came out in 1983, when i was four. i probably didn't first see it until it was shown on television years later, when i was at least six or seven. but nevertheless and consequently my sexual development was advanced. it's not my fault though, remember the short shorts in that movie? do you remember the short shorts!?! fuck the alamo. i remember the short shorts.

and of course she was alluring in a vitriolic way in breakfast club. i, unlike emelio (jock poseur!), much preferred the pre-makeover allison to the post-makeover allison. not to the point of eating pixie dust sandwiches, but i did do coke at a relatively early age.

nah, i lie. i didn't do coke until college, and even then, maybe thrice.

but i try not to think about the bulimia years (i haven't watched any e! true hollywood stories in over a year).

fakakta - how i feel on mondays.

album of the jour: brendan benson lapalco

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