Monday, November 29, 2004

thanks for the mammaries

there are supposed to be two audioblogs on here i made from the houston airport. i probably would have deleted them anyway.

i want to make a "thankful for" list before thanksgiving gets so far behind me that it becomes anachronistic. actually it's just an easy thing to write on a monday after a holiday when life has no meaning.

  • the blogosphere and friends therein - my respite from the louisiana sea of stupid
  • internet porn
  • people in the ukraine - i'm jealous
  • maggie gyllenhaal's smile
  • zooey deschanel's eyes
  • air america radio
  • gilmore girls and smallville
  • air conditioning
  • darkness (not the band, the absence of light)
  • boobies
  • pills (xanax, paxil, wellbutrin, generic p.m. pain-reliever)
  • cigarettes and alcohol
  • the bill of rights - great while it lasted
  • lesbians (elaborative post forthcoming)
  • fat people
  • blue states
  • science, darwinism, social darwinism, evolution, etc.
  • splenda artificial sweetener
  • caller i.d.
  • my apartment, my job
  • sluts
  • short checkout lines at the grocery store
  • pets
  • surround sound
  • butts
  • the people who put glue in store locks on the busiest shopping day of the year
  • general disarray

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