Saturday, November 27, 2004

my early xmas present

on cnn headline news yesterday i saw a story from my own beloved lafayette, louisiana, about how vandals put superglue into the locks of dozens of lafayette businesses (local story here). so on friday morning, that shoppiest of all shopping days, noone could get into the stores until a locksmith could be called. i understand some stores couldn't open until mid-morning, costing them thousands.

and they got to OLD NAVY...

i am generally not a condoner of vandalism, but this, i like. i'm always bugaboo'ed by the commercial jackassery of the season. i view this more as an act of civil disobedience than anything else. yes, some stores lost money (not that much), but they were all large chains as far as i know. no mom/pop stores. here's a short list of affected stores:

Toys R’ Us; Old Navy; Bed, Bath and Beyond; Marshalls; S&K Menswear; Rainbow; Barnes & Noble Booksellers; Tuesday Morning

so, kudos to whomever the culprit(s) is (are). i'm hoping they were progressive radicals, but more than likely it was just drunk teens.

damn kids!

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