Friday, November 26, 2004

things to do in texas when you're dead

on each of my flights over i was fortunate enough to sit next to two friendly girls (i got two e-mail addresses out of it, one a sorority girl from lafayette and the other a med student from nyu; guess which one i liked better). i had pretty much the same conversation on each flight, with two different people. the trip was surprisingly better than i thought it would be.

i did have three manhattans at the lafayette airport before i left, so maybe i was just fucked up.

on the flight from houston to san antonio a guy sitting behind me was halping a woman put a large carry-on into the overhead. she asked if he would remember to get it down for her when we landed, and his response was "ma'am i promise, unless for some reason i get... (pause) ...raptured, or something, i'll get it for you", in jest.

i was cackling uncontrollably.

i whispered to the guy that he'd better be careful, talking that way on an airplane in the heart of god's country. but seriously, i haven't laughed that heartily or sincerely in a long time.

then yesterday, xgiving skullduggery at my rich texas uncle's ranch (guess what business he's in). come to find out your relatives are alot more fun when you get a couple of cocktails up enya (sail away).

i had to sit through a conversation with my cousin's husband (who has already bought their seven year-old daughter a hunting rifle, and takes her hunting all the time. it's not just a myth - people are morons down here). he kept telling me how liberals bribe black people for their votes with crack-cocaine. n-word this, n-word that. i seriously get queasy when i hear redneck whities say the n-word. don't trust whitey.

but again, all homage to the demon liquor for upping my tolerance of stupidity.

my parents catch the independent film channel, so i've pretty much been watching that non-stop. it hasn't been as bad a trip as i thought. thus far.

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