Saturday, November 13, 2004

brand new green day

i've heard for the last couple months how good the new green day cd was. i kind of wrote them off a long time ago, right after dookie.

dookie was my favorite album when i was a sophomore in high school. i had every song memorized and completely wore that motherfucker out. but since then, i completely lost interest in post-punk, emo, and pretty much anything punk-related (except actual punk, the late 70's early 80's fare).

but holy fuck, american idiot is good. "boulevard of broken dreams" (which i don't think is a remake of the hanoi rocks song, at least i hope) is making me stare non-copus-mentus-ly into space. i really hope this isn't one of those enamoured-because-i-just-herad-it things, and i get sick of it. has anyone heard this song? they used it on smallville a couple of weeks ago.

if it's being played on the radio i'm going to be pissed. it's probably being played on the radio.

and a couple of these tracks are almost ten minutes long... what's punk about that? eh? eh? ahhhhh....

also "holiday" is good, "give me novocaine" is good, "jesus of suburbia" is good, "she's a rebel" i like, "homecoming" i like. every song on the album is solid.

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