Thursday, October 21, 2004

problums with the cumputer box

the tape i used to record gg this week was defunct so i missed the latest episode. it completely spoiled my evening yesterday. i watch only two shows on television, is it so much to ask the vhs gods that i be allowed to do so unfettered?

it's is mindfucking how stupid some of our public educators are. we maintain the network for an entire parish (other states' "county") school system here. teachers call with the most assinine problems you could imagine. for instance:

"can't i just enter a person's name to send them an e-mail?"

but that's not even the question. the first thing they say is "my e-mail is broken, fix it."

we give them the benefit of the doubt (or we did formerly, rather), and check server settings and other bullplop that could cause an e-mail account to misfunction. after many maligned troubleshooting attempts (pulling teeth), it is made known that said teacher thinks she can send someone an e-mail by just typing their name in the "address" field (address book inclusions notwithstanding). her preferred method for addressing an e-mail:

send to: mary-jane rottencrotch

"i clicked send and it comes back! my e-mail is broken! jello!"

how do kids ever learn to read in this state.

album of the jour: stellastarr* stellastarr*

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