Wednesday, October 20, 2004

just some perspective

i write a post about gilmore girls one day, and the next i read an article about the ten thousand (10,000) people or so dying every month in darfur, and don't i feel like the fucking asshole.

this morning i was aggravated in traffic, wishing bad things would happen to the guy in the yukon in front of me who was going ten below the speed limit. then i read how refugees from sudan are also getting aggravated, because they saw their children raped, killed and mutilated the day before.

the next time i get remotely depressed i'm going to think about what it would be like to have a family member gang-raped and torn apart in front of me.

there's a list of donation sites on this page. take some frivolous item you're about to buy, put it back on the shelf, donate what it would have cost, and someone gets to stay alive for another month..

it's really pleasant and convenient to ignore these things that happen in the world and go about daily life, in which we complain about interpersonal drama and paying rent and what happened on some show last night. and it's not unconscionable to do so - such things are what affect our lives directly. it's natural to be concerned about them.

it's just important to keep some perspective. no matter what kind of shit gets dumped on us, there are always much worse things happening to others, and it's good to help if we can (and you know you can).

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