Monday, October 25, 2004

hetero genius

my doctor dictionary word-of-the-day today is heterogeneous, meaning composed of parts having dissimilar characteristics or properties (courtesy: i understand it as being contradictory; "cognitive dissonance" resonates in the back of my brain.

reading the definition, what immediately comes to mind? being the uber-progressive that i am it should be easy to guess what i'm thinking. keep in mind our current cultural (and perhaps political) climate, and important events forthcoming.

ohhh, but it says "complex" is synonymous with heterogeneous, and my parallel is quashed.

read the litany (i had to use that word some time. i promise only once) of synonyms here, and think about it-that-shall-remain-nameless-today-for-no-particular-reason.

no room for "complication" these days (remember, you are either with us or against us). what else... "inconsistent"? what a larf! then comes your "mixed"s and "messy"s, and my favorite, "poles apart".

can you believe niether "flip" nor "flop" are listed?

i guess what i'm trying to say is that mondays suck balls, i have nothing salient to write about, and george bush licks taint.

album of the jour: rjd2 since we last spoke

one of my nominees for album of the year. at least top ten. although the year has some 'splainin left to do.

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