Tuesday, October 05, 2004

happy news

the louisiana supreme court ruled against amendment 1, defining marriage as being between one man and one woman, which passed overwhelmingly in a vote last month. it was worded poorly and also contained legislation banning all civil unions, and thus deemed unconstitutional, or something like that. i just heard it in passing on the radio and can't find any details yet. but good news. it seems louisiana incompetence finally proved useful in spite of itself.


Pisser said...

So whut, Pheez - dew yew thank Lee-see-Anna skrewed up de spaellin'?! Cuz dn't be mekkin fun of mah home-tawn, us is real samart!!!"

I is gwan outdoor now ta strangulate mah chickens

Phillip said...

ah tah mah chitlin tua chree an' bee' ih' wih uh steek.

ah dun choked mah chitlin.

onemanonevote said...

Gays against dick n bush !!!!!!