Tuesday, October 05, 2004

uncle dick

go fuck yourself you cwazy wabbit...

it's been a while since it rained as hard as it did last night. it was comforting. i took pills and went to bed, dreaming that i was in the army shooting people who weren't in military uniforms, but football uniforms. i had kevlar, they had shoulder prads. i win.

but now i'm awake in the overcast, rainy weather and it doesn't suit me. being awake in any weather doesn't really suit me, but especially on such languid days as this. want to go back to my womb-room. my woom?

i spent money excessively this weekend. i am ubiquitously irresponsible with my finances. i'm also an overly-generous gullible fool. hee, and hee.

album of the jour: the thermals more parts per million


bunny said...

There's going to be a lot of drinking tonight. I cannot wait for this debate myself. Except I'll have to listen on the radio.

Tony Baize said...

The debate is gonna rock! I hope Cheney makes the comment again that he has never benefitted from a government program.

(Um, didn't Halliburton have a whole lotta government contracts when he was CEO, and didn't those govt funds pay his salary? A salary he continues to receive today? OOOOOHHHH! Edwards better knock that one out of the freakin' park!)

Phillip said...

i'd like to hear edwards ash him about rumsfeld's comment today that there was no link between al quaeda and iraq and also bremmer's comment that they never had enough troops to keep the peace. it's like the only time these people tell the truth is when they misspeak.