Saturday, September 25, 2004

not funny ha-ha, but funny

i check out sometimes just to see what they consider news, and today on the home page under the "top stories" heading were the following news bits:

Beer Belly Bandit strikes again
Web site offers after-death e-mail
Dreams fueling space tourist industry

then, if you sift to the "world" news page, you can find the following story:

Iran insists nuclear program is peaceful

what is going on? am i insane? don't answer, let me repharse. am i insane because i think nuclear weaponry is more important than a fat bank robber?

my theory is that mother nature is sending all these hurricanes to florida because they fucked up the election.

well, not so much a theory as a wild-eyed, foundless, hangover-induced grouping of words i know.

album of the jour: sing-sing the joy of sing-sing

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bunny said...

Not a fan of the infotainment news, I take it? But...but...Britney got married! How ever could you make it through your day without an update?

Facetious Bunny