Monday, September 27, 2004

cow is your friend

i just got out of our monday meeting and the boss referred to the fiscal year as the "physical" year. i want to hear him say "nuclear".

i've had it with meat. from now on nothing but raw vegetables and nuts. maybe fish. and eggs since i'm pro-choice. i don't eat swine. mace windu told me pigs and cows are "filthy animals", and i won't eat filthy animals anymore. i'll live like them, but i won't eat them. no more! even when they come with cheese and a side dish of dem 'taters (ya shudnt'a dun dat ee just a boy). nope. i'm vegetarian, i am out of the closet... or the meat locker. eff you national cattlemen's beef association!*

*funny that there is such a thing. i bet the conventions have ambulances standing by with defibrillators.

and frankly i'm also getting pretty tired of tolerating all the lactose.

album of the jour: the smiths meat is murder

couldn't resist.


the hun said...

Me too. I went to the store this weekend and I knew I needed protein but I was standing there looking at the meat, going....


Tofu city, baby.

PusBoy said...

Aw, not you too?!

Come on, man. Meat is awesome.

Well, anyway, since I'm a liberal, I support your decision. Be sure to eat eggs, or at least drink some Red Bull now and again. Your ass needs taurine, and them damn plants just ain't got it.

Phillip said...

i drink red bull and vodka every weekend. i'll be fine. i'll just buy a bunch of starkist. sorry flipper.

bunny said...

Jagerbombs. Limit them or you'll be sorry, but there's your taurine. Or cat food. Wait - that's got meat, so that would defeat the purpose.

Phillip said...

phizz has the iron stomach when it comes to alkie-hall, but the mere smell of jager will make me head for the hills (or stalls, as the case may be). bad bad freshman year experience.

nongirlfriend said...

Yea, another one for our side!

Give up the fish, too. You don't wanna know what happens to them when they net them.

-- Bok!
Chicken, aka nongirlfriend

bunny said...

But you can't taste it among all those nasty bubble-gum flavored bubbles. Am I the only person, btw, who is surprised every time you pour that stuff out and it's yellow, not red?

Phillip said...

it's the whole idea of a licroice-flavored liqueur.... or a licorice-flavored anything. it's disgusting. give me the hard stuff or give me death. or both, whatever.

carissa said...

yeah. another for the team. i eat fish. i'm told they're like swimming bugs when it comes to their ideal of their own mortality and soul.

also, for quickies: morningstar farms could be your best friend. look for 'em in the frozen food aisle.


bunny said...

If it has a thorax, it's a bug. I don't care what it walks on or swims in.

Phillip said...

crustaceons are delicious, but alive they just look like giant bugs to me.

thanks for the recommendation carissa, i'll check it out.