Thursday, September 23, 2004

happy birthday mom

last week i ordered almost thirty cd's from, which i think has the best prices you can find anywhere for cd's - if someone knows a better place please share.

anyway, i'm not going to open any until they've all come in so i can have one big musical christmas-like orgy of paper-ripping and clapping and moustache-twisting. yeah i clap when i get new things.

the following - not necessarily new but have recently discovered and love like heroin:

holly golightly - serial girlfriend
clearlake - cedars
the charlottes - lovehappy
14 iced bears - wonder
fingathing - and the big red nebula band
arto lindsay - salt
the thrills - let's bottle bohemia

interesting letter from our local rag:

Quick question about sanctity of marriage
If marriage is such a sacred institution and needs constitutional protection then why not make divorce illegal?

-Philip Dupre


Anonymous said...

If divorce were illegal I would definitely not have ever gotten married. What's happens if you marry a guy who seems perfect until you find out he's a child-molesting serial killer? No way, man - not a chance I'd ever take.

Phillip said...

i think the point is that telling people that they can't get divorced is just as absurd as telling them they can't get married. the question puts the quandary in simple terms and hopefully makes even the dullards that populate this state perhaps empathize with gay people and how unjust the legislation is.

PusBoy said...


If you have a lot of CDs that you no longer listen to, is a cool place to trade-in old stuff and get used or new stuff. If you sign up, though, be sure to double check the UPCs, there are many variants of CDs that spin will reject and then charge your credit card. it only happened to me once, but it made me more aware of the practice.

As to the gay marriage thing, the religiosos can justify divorce in several ways. The Bible does allow you to divorce a spouse if he/she is unfaithful, and Catholics can get a marriage annulled, so that the marriage never existed, even if they had kids!

The real reason, though, that this would never get any traction, is because so many politicians on the right (and a good number on the left) are adulterers who get married numerous times.

Anonymous said...

Why not buy an Ipod and never again buy a bulky CD. The player is tiny and holds close to 10,000 high quality MP3s.

I'll never buy another 16 track cd again...

Phillip said...

well, paying a buck for a song or whatever it costs isn't that big of a break, unless you listen to the mainstream crap-pop whose cd's have one or two "good" "songs" on them. luckily i don't, and i thoroughly enjoy tracks that may not get released or "play time" (not that i listen to radio anyway). plus, an album is a work of art. if you like bands that are truly in it for the music, not the money, then you really have to listen to their whole cd and realize that every song and the order of them matters. that's also why i don't really care about compilations or greatest hits.

plus i like having a physical cd collection. i rarely listen to music from the actual cd (i have everything copied onto my hard drive), but they're nice to have. and personally, when i go into someone's house and see a cd collection i go right for it - you can tell alot about a person by the music they listen to and like enough to pay for. it's like a big window into someone's personality.

side note: important to support the artist, but FUCK the riaa.

D31337 said...

Or their like me and broke, and has only one CD of the music they like and downloaded the rest. And the only CD's I have are ones that are gifts that I never listen too.