Friday, September 24, 2004


on the way in this morning there was an unusual number of police cars at random places on the side of the road. it was weird. then i came in and started reading the newspapers and it turns out that the veep creep dick himself was speaking in lafayette this morning.


i wish it would have been on a saturday. i wish it would have been open to the public.

what about this for a t-shirt: the word "dick", inside a red circle with a line through it... when the secret service comes to arrest you for dissent you can say that you're just expressing your distaste for fags, and you support the preservation of the sanctity of marriage (incidentally, what does that even mean?). you'd have to actually say "fags" to sound like a true moron.

album of the jour: polara polara


Flamingo Jones said...

That reminds me of last January when Dick came to St. Mary Parish for his little hunting trip. I found out about and told my friend who made the comment: "Huh. No wonder this place feels even more like a black-hole of despair than usual."

Ian McGibboney said...

If he came in this morning, or if he's here now, then I am about three blocks away from the man. I could ride my bike across the Camellia bridge to the City Club, as I do all the time. I'm surprised they haven't sent me to New Orleans...

Phillip said...

ian, i'm just down kaliste saloom between the airport and pinhook. i heard the sirens going by a while ago, i'm assuming escorting him back to the airport. i wish my boss wasn't here so i could have stood by the side of the road and flashed a finger or a bare ass.

bunny said...

Or been like a monkey and thrown shite at his car. The man makes me retch like lox spread that's been sitting in a car in 100 degree heat for half an hour.

Not that that's based on experience or anything.