Friday, October 03, 2003

paradoxical acquiescence

this is to what i refer

i must be a total poseur since i don't like sonic youth (truthfully), the velvet underground or john spencer blues explosion. wouldn't that make me ultra-indie though, since i'm even contradicting the supposed established indie methos? yeah, i'll just keep telling myself that.

i am proud to say, though, that i don't subscribe to rolling stone or spin. anymore....

my cousin is getting married tomorrow in baton rouge, and i must attend. i can't say i'm looking forward to it--i'll have to field several variations of the questions "what are you doing these days?" and/or "whare are you working?" to which i will repeat the carbon-copy answer numerous humiliating times. although i am thinking of conjuring impressive anecdotes as to my profession (i'm an architect). i'll probably just try to find a way to chalk it up to whimsy (i'm livin' large my nigga'..... yeah, at my aunt's. no, no job. car? ummm not yet. girlfriend? no. money? no. reason for living? not really sure...)

album du jour: sense field living outside

i just got this cd and it's really really good. a pleasant surprise on an otherwise painfully regular day.

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