Friday, October 03, 2003


Rush Limbaugh, the man who put the pig in capitalist pig, was fired from ESPN for making a comment that could be construed as racist. This would not be the first time Rush has shown his true color (hint=ultra white). Since he’s now off the tube, and in trouble for drug abuse, I thought he might want another job to supplement the dimishing audience of his radio show. Here’s my picks:

Super-villain in a Steven Segal film
Model for Big Boy
Weapon of Mass Destruction (drop him over Iraq)
Colombian drug lord’s bodyguard
Elephant trainer
World’s largest laundromat dryer
Filling hot air balloons
Wine press
Sumo wrestler
Test subject for frightening new drugs
Sea World attraction
Thanksgiving Day parade float
Mongolian war monger
Imperial Wizard of the Klan
Easter Island head
World War II Revisionist
Body double for the moon

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