Thursday, October 02, 2003

rate of decay

did anyone know that there is a GOP gay group who call themselves the "log cabin republicans"? i don't know if it's a reference to lincoln's questionable sexuality or (possibly and) just a pun.

whenever i put on clothes that i think make me presentable i always feel like a stiff breeze will make me look utterly unkempt. my rate of decay is pretty fast in terms of going from passable to what-the-fuck. i don't know why that is, perhaps just my body structure. is it possible to be narcissistic and self-loathesome at the same time?

i'm thinking of getting rid of my television. i don't know what effect it would have, although i'm hoping it will force me to read more and become more productive and perhaps creative. maybe trying to ditch tv and alcohol in the same week isn't wise for me though. baby steps, baby steps.

album du jour: stereolab emperor tomato ketchup

stereolab to me is either hit or miss

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