Wednesday, September 03, 2003

pop g.o.p.

is there any better in-house ambience music for rainy weather than oh inverted world....i'm sure there is, but my proclivities are rather prejudiced at the moment. aren't i vain with my music?

i saw a wonderful segment on cnn this afternoon as a part of crossfire, which i take in every now and then. tucker carlson, who is the right-wing representative du jour on the show, had a sit-down with none other than britney spears herself. they of course spoke about her mtv vma antics (she gave madonna a provocative kissy-kiss during their performance) mostly. but carlson did manage to ask her about her opinion(s) on the iraqi situation. surprise-surprise, she thought we should explicitly trust our president and "do whatever he says y'all" (i added the "y'all"). does anyone think she even knows where iraq is? ohhh that's unfair, i'm sure she's very intelligent. i hear that most people from kentwood do, in fact, know how to read and can perform all kinds of fancy new-fangled addition and some subtraction.

it was hilarious how paul begala (lefty rep of the show) ribbed tucker carlson about the interview--how he should be so proud of this monumental political coup of an interview he scored with a pop diva. you could sense that carlson himself rather thought it was a joke as well (one of the few times i've agreed with a g.o.p. affiliate).

album of the day: johnny marr & the healers boomslang

johnny marr was a member of the legendary 80's alt-rock group the smiths. if you haven't listened to either (my god i hope you've heard the smiths before) then pleasure yourself

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