Thursday, September 04, 2003

material reward

getting a magazine or dvd in the mail is like having a miniature christmas morning all the time. i subscribe to two music mags and netflix (the dvd rental site where you pay 20 bucks a month and rent all you want--it's fabulous), plus i'm constantly buying used cd's that i shouldn't be spending money on (although i do find really good deals most of the time) so i'm frequently getting wonderful toys (jack nicholson) in the mail. i try not to dwell upon the brick-a-brack i buy on-line at the time of purchase so i can hopefully forget that i ordered anything and thus be pleasantly surprised when it comes in. it's probably better that i am fond of surprises because i think my memory is already starting to go. (i just noticed that i tend to use an abundance if parentheses)

album of the day: broken social scene you forget it in people

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